Technical Copywriting

Businesses grow through client outreach and targeted technical copywriting.

It’s a different approach. Take care of people and the writing will take care of itself. This strategy tailor fits what the customer needs. I use:

Proven SEO techniques

Powerful link building

What is useful, engaging, and well-timed for your readers to construct content

A measured and highly-researched approach

Technical copywriting removes barriers.

It simplifies communication between buyers and the complex technology products and solutions they seek. Confusion is a surefire way to lose the sale. Clarity brings results time and time again.

You have a short time to:

Show the value in terms the buyer understands.

Paint a clear picture of how to use these solutions.

Clearly and concisely explain the benefits of your solutions

Put that product or service within a context

Demonstrate how the buyer receives the support they need throughout the buying and implementation process

Fail to achieve that, and your potential buyer will bounce.

The Definitions of Good Copywriting

A good technical copywriter uses proven SEO strategies to attract searchers to your site. She captures every opportunity to set you apart from the crowd. She weaves together search terms across your website using blogs, landing pages, blogs, case studies, white papers and more. Your buyer may not be at the point of purchase when they find you, but they will have the confidence to return when they trust you understand their challenges and will support them through the implementation process.

What A Technical
Writer Does

The technical writer provides clear, easy to follow documentation for a product, academic, or other technical audience. This copy style tends to be straightforward and does not delve into the territory of sales writing.

What A Technical Copywriter Does

The technical copywriter also produces clear, actionable copy. This copy is targeted toward what a buyer needs in the journey toward purchasing a product or service and how they use and enjoy the benefits it provides.

The Process

You and I have a 15-20 minute discovery call to outline the audience for your piece and what you want to communicate.

We Agree on Timeframe for Delivery

I write & deliver a draft for you to review

We Polish the content until you're satisfied

The piece is delivered on time

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