Executive content

My mission is to bring the power of your voice and culture into your industry conversation.

I work with you to bring your message forward in a transformative way, underscoring the integrity of your brand and solutions. Through storytelling and authentic narratives—your clients, your team and your partners and peers will more fully understand your vision and the power of your solutions.

What I Write for Executives

I ghostwrite using your brand messaging and product information to reveal meaningful insights that align with your mission and vision for excellence.


Blogs add search terms and work for you by attracting new leads and building awareness for your brand.

Articles for Trade Outlets

Syndication pieces increase reach, brand awareness and build links to your website.

Press Releases

Announce significant product, service or developments in a timely manner while alerting journalists.

Q & A

Drive the discussion around your products or services using a predefined strategy.

The entire process—end-to-end—is conducted in the strictest confidence. Your privacy and confidentiality are maintained throughout. I never reveal the identity of clients.

The Process

You and I have a 15-20 minute discovery call to outline the audience for your piece and what you want to communicate.

We Agree on Timeframe for Delivery

I write & deliver a draft for you to review

We Polish the content until you're satisfied

The piece is delivered on time

What I Bring To Show You To Your Best Advantage

  1. Seven years’ experience working with technology executives to craft high-quality branded content either directly or through agencies.

  2. Seven (more) years in the semiconductor industry learning the complexities of ingredient technologies that translate to ease when writing for tech.

  3. I partner with you to capture your voice in an audience-first approach.

  4. I bring my experience working in the semiconductor industry, cybersecurity, datacenter and last-mile technologies to craft clear, concise messages that inspire action.

  5. I harmonize with your long range content strategy to build your thought-leadership and the integrity of your brand message.

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