Hi, I'm Rita

I understand what it’s like to write big content pieces in high pressure environments. I can take that weight off your shoulders so you can focus on the creative.

Rita's Bio

Rita has over ten years of Technical Copywriting Experience.

She began her writing career in 2011 after a downsizing at the semiconductor company where she had been working for 7 years.


Prior to beginning her writing career, she worked assisting a product and test engineering division for semiconductor development. She worked with directors, top executives, product and test engineers, project managers, and cost accounting to track development of set top box, cable modem and other products in the early 2000s.


The downsizing of her workplace led her to write for a blog. And that was it. Project after Project came in, and she has not stopped writing since then.

Rita specializes in both Technical and SEO copywriting.

Her formal mentorship and training includes Matt Burke for SEO copywriting and Ofelia Poyrazoglu, who taught her the nuts and bolts of financials behind product development. She continues to work with Matt.


Some copywriters that have influenced Rita’s work are Matt Burke, Ilissa Miller, Roy Peter Clark, Carol Tice, Lorraine Kaufman Hall and others.


Rita’s writing style is:

  • Transparent.
  • All about the message
  • Helps people solve problems


In her own words:

“We’re not focusing on the writing. Simple, clear, easy to understand—every distraction and barrier has been removed. We’re helping people understand how to solve problems without being distracted by writing. Writing is the servant. The solution is the star of the show.”


“The number one thing is the buyer. What is the buyer looking for? That’s where you start. Then it’s a matter of understanding how the product can get the buyer where he or she needs to go next.”


“One of my long standing clients is known in their industry as a thought leader. When people ask them who they are, and they say the company name–others instantly recognize them for their blog and rankings. I had a hand in that success. I don’t for a minute take all of the credit but I certainly helped them develop that reputation.”


In between writing projects Rita loves going for drives and exploring new places with her husband and family. In the greater Tampa, Florida area. When she is not taking a long walk with her husband, she likes to watch a good sports game or do gardening. Rita is a big fan of hockey and baseball.


Paints the picture of how your products and services make life better.


Provide the research that decision makers need to commit and take action.


Provide clear real-life examples of how to use your products and services.

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