Our Services

Who We Are

Rita Mailheau is a Technology and Info Security Copywriter. She spent 9 years in Tech navigating spreadsheets and blistering ops meetings. Her favorite duty was ordering bagels and sitting in on product development meetings with the engineers.

She’s been doing Research for 30+ years and professional blogging since 2011.

Wendy Slocum is the editor. She has a gift for copy-polish and can take writing in the most primitive form and transform it into highly readable information. She comes to us from a 30-year stint in mortgage lending, where she crunched numbers and trained lending pros.

Our Process

We work with you to identify your content goals and develop strategies and content to optimizes your message.

We make you findable in ways that engage your reader. Nobody wants to hear sales talk. Yuck! We specialize in sales talk extractions.

Our Services

We provide targeted, well-researched, SEO optimized:

  • Articles
  • Blogposts
  • On-page copy
  • Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Emails

We appear under our own names or we ghostwrite under your name — whichever satisfies the particular need for each piece of content.

To inquire about what we can do to move your business forward, please call Rita at +1 (858) 775-4137.




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