The Number One Reason for Blogging

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“When you’re busy, avoid taking the quickest action. Instead make the extra effort to truly serve the customer.” Marilyn Suttle

One surefire way to begin building more meaningful customer relationships is through regular blog posting. If you don’t have a blog already, I strongly suggest starting one.

  • A blog will pull people to your website.
  • A well-crafted blog will get you noticed.
  • It will elevate you in the eyes of prospective clients and colleagues.

For the small business owner, blogging just makes sense.

Things to Remember

Daily blogging is good, but don’t sacrifice quality for quantity. One or two exceptional posts per week can go a long way toward boosting search engine ranking while staying time-manageable.

Consistency is essential. Relationships take time. That’s something most of us small business owners struggle with—not the relationships—the time. But we have to see this bigger. Time spent in researching and writing a blog is NOT wasted. We need to look at that time as an investment. It’s like depositing money in the bank. It may take a little belt tightening in the short term, but down the road, the yield we see will far offset any sacrifice now.

Giving Your Best

  • For the small business owner, the key to starting and building that satisfying relationship with customers is through giving something of value over time.
  • That could be a blog series.
  • Webinars.
  • Maybe you could publish a free eBook on some aspect of the industry in exchange for a name and email address.
  • What about a monthly newsletter or occasional press release?

As we consistently reach out with our best, our prospects will begin to recognize us as experts. They should also be able to recognize that we share their pain. We’ve been in their shoes and that we can offer real solutions.…n-for-blogging/Return on Investment

But blogging isn’t only good for the customer. It’s good for the blogger, too. Why? Because to be competitive, the blogger is forced to take a hard look at where his industry is going in order to deliver genuine solutions. Valuable content takes research to ensure it best meets customer needs.

That takes digging around, jumping on forums and comment chains, getting on the phone and talking to people, and hearing both sides of the equation. Seeing the picture from all sides gives the blogger the opportunity to grow.

Getting Started

There are a few things you’ll need to get going. First of all, having a professional and strategic website is non negotiable. The blog will draw people to your site and let them know exactly what you offer. The quality of your website will inspire confidence in prospective buyers, so you’ll definitely want to have some one who knows what they’re doing get you started.

If you are new to blogging, this is something I do. I can help you get started or get focused.

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    1. Thank you, Mandeep. You are correct. It’s basically non negotiable. I’ve noticed a few who don’t lately. You feel like they’re missing a connection. Sort of like Oz behind the curtain.

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