Four Tips for Maintaining Blog Quality

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Play to Win…

Becoming a champion is one thing, staying a champion is something altogether different. Maintaining the quality of our work is essential. Most of us have struggled hard to get our businesses off the ground. We want them to thrive.

In my last article, The Number One Reason for Blogging, I talked about maintaining customer focus.

In this article, I’m going to focus on maintaining blog quality. You’ll find some simple keys that will allow you to produce consistently outstanding posts without ignoring your many other responsibilities.

Consistency is essential in our business environment. The competition is steep. We want people to listen long enough to recognize the value we can bring. Providing quality content is almost like putting together a menu for a dinner party. When we include a variety of things we can satisfy the unique needs of different people.

There Is No Substitute for Hard Work Over Time

This first consideration for maintaining blog quality is surprisingly simple.

Time. Anything worth having is worth waiting for—this saying may be trite, but it is absolutely true. You don’t plant a seed in the ground one day and expect to see a tree the next. Time is an essential ingredient in growth. That’s one of the reasons people specialize in a certain area or niche. So the time they’ve invested in researching a certain topic can yield repeat dividends. And realistically, if you plan far enough ahead, you can write about almost anything well.

I advise slapping down that first draft in twenty minutes, tops. If possible, do this a week ahead.

Then let it sit. Come back for twenty-minute revisions over many days. Hone what you have. Add more as you’re inspired. Something wonderful will begin taking shape as the week unfolds.

Be flexible. That kind of lead-time isn’t always available. You may want to include a breaking news story on your blog. When you’ve gotten into the habit of working ahead, the exception will be a whole lot easier to work around.

When we map out a series of topics well in advance, we’re going to be able to deliver great content.

Get Help

The next consideration for maintaining blog quality is other people.

Guest bloggers bring exciting energy to your business message. Perhaps a thought leader or exceptional writer can put together a blog post that really sings within the context of your series.

Go for it.

The added bonus of having another blogger contribute is that you can amp up your SEO by linking back to their blog(s). They can mention their guest post to their regular readers. Everybody wins.

This is what I do. Research

Another consideration for maintaining blog quality is research.

Don’t just write what other bloggers are writing. Go deeper. Look further. Be willing to read a variety of opinions. Have fun with it. Your work is not wasted. Remember, all of this is going to make you a stronger problem-solver. The benefits will linger long after the blog has been posted.

Use An Infographic

The last consideration I’m going to cite in this article for maintaining blog quality is use of images.

I’m visual. It’s easy for me to learn this way. That’s why I love infographics. They tell a detailed story and don’t require a big time commitment.

If you have access to infographics, use one. It might be an interesting change of pace to post an infographic instead of an article one week. But don’t get lazy. Used sparingly, they can bring freshness that your readers will appreciate.

If you would like the help of a professional, reach out.

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