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5 Things You MUST Know to HIRE the Right Copywriter for Your Data Center Blog


The Data Center customer is one of the most tech-savvy consumers anywhere. He or she plays a critical role in company success. Your reader is not only smart–(s)he’s also creative. Pressure turns carbon into diamonds. It also turns IT Admins into creative, results-driven problem solvers.

A flair for language isn’t enough to meet the demands of this audience. The ideal writer for this TRIBE needs to entertain AND inform.

With that in mind, I offer you 5 TIPS to make finding the right wordsmith easier. Happily, we’re not talking about unicorns.


In this article you’ll learn:

  1. Where to find a Data Center copywriter
  2. The questions you’ll need to ask her
  3. How much to pay her
  4. How to collaborate to balance the Technical and the Practical
  5. How to build a powerful Editorial Calendar so good, it does the work FOR you


Keep in mind, your copywriter is your first line of contact with prospective clients. She represents YOU, your brand, and your ethos.

Someone that important deserves careful consideration.

Roper states:

  • 70% of Decision Makers prefer to get company information through a series of articles versus ads
  • 30% of Readers say that Content Marketing makes them feel closer to the brand
  • 60% of Readers say good content helps them make better product decisions…ity-copywriter/


RankPay states:

  • Blogging increases lead generation by 70%
  • 61% of US Online consumers have made purchases based on recommendations from a blog: that’s almost twice as many as Facebook 33%–Twitter is 31%; and Pinterest is 47%
  • Once you publish 21-54 posts, blog traffic increases by up to 30%
  • Buyers make 57% of B2B buying decisions before ever contacting a company’s sales force

So you see, an experienced copywriter can have a significant impact on your bottomline.

Let’s begin.


1. Where to find a Data Center Copywriter

Check Other Blogs: One place to find her is to look on smaller, high-quality Data Center blogs.

The big operations already have a stable of writers. So trolling those sites is a waste of time. But that doesn’t mean all of the good writers are gone. Some writers like having variety of clients. It’s more interesting.

Bookmark Favorite Articles: Another way to find a good copywriter is to bookmark articles you love and work backward. Take the title and Google it. That way you can see if a link to the article shows up in someone’s website portfolio. Many tech writers ghost write for their clients.

Find Out Who’s Writing for Non-Competitors: Ask if a company with a good blog employs freelancers. As long as there’s no conflict of interest, it’s fine to hire the writer.

Data Centers in different markets are okay as long as proprietary information is not shared.

Stay away from the content mills: They pay terrible wages. Writers tend to sacrifice quality for quantity, as they have to produce more articles to make up for low pay.


2. Questions to ask your prospective Copywriter

How Does She Do Research? The number of topics a good writer can find for one keyword is only limited to her imagination. Her ability to dig around looking for product reviews, academic papers, and online forums–keeps her industry knowledge laser sharp.

Does she educate herself on your readers’ interests?

  • Internet of Things
  • Cloud, Virtualization, and Hyperconverged Infrastructure
  • Data Protection and Security
  • The Demands of the C-Suite
  • Industry Compliance
  • Networking and Peering
  • Breaking Industry News
  • Survey Findings

When a writer knows how to roll up her sleeves, it’s surprising the amount of interesting useful knowledge she can find.…ity-copywriter/

How Does She Research Your Target Reader? She needs to understand your customer’s unique pain.

No two companies are alike.

The CIO and the CISO. What’s the topic under discussion in the boardroom? Does she understand the urgent demands of security, budget and functionality?

The IT Admin. Another stakeholder is the IT administrator. He or she has to keep things running 24/7.

A hands-on, time-consuming role like this keeps the Systems Admin on the hunt for tools to speed up work, and ways outsource responsibilities. The writer who understands this pain, can cultivate trust by providing helpful information to move this forward.


More questions for your Copywriter:

How do you choose a topic? I write an SEO calendar for that specific client. Keywords make great topics, but be careful. Follow keywords but not stuff them. Google Algorithms don’t like them and they tend to make your content stilted.

News has a shelf-life. Current events, rollouts, and employee interviews ALWAYS take precedence over keyword topics.

What tools are indispensible? I use tools like Google Analytics and BuzzSumo to tweak topics and headlines.

What kind of lead time makes sense for articles? I like to have a week’s notice for writing an article. It’s good to keep a couple of articles in the queue, and map out 3-months of topics in a spreadsheet.

Weekly phone calls keep blog topics timely.

What do you know about SEO? I follow SEO-keyword best practices. Every website has a swarm of appropriate keywords, which form the basis to attract prequalified visitors to your website in search engines.

How long before I can expect to see a return on this investment? It takes anywhere from 8-months to a year to see things ramp up. That’s one post per week bare minimum. But if you compare the cost of an active blog over an ad campaign or a list from Hoovers, there’s really no comparison.

Inbound marketing gives you the biggest return on the dollar.

Happily, one of my clients saw a 35% increase in qualified leads in less than 6 months. What did we do? We did just what I outlined above.

Trending topics take advantage of Internet buzz. That includes recaps from recent events like:

  • HostingCon
  • Data Center Dynamics
  • OpenStack…ity-copywriter/ ‎

3. How much do you pay a Copywriter

That depends on how long you want your posts and what you’re expecting her to write each month.

To simplify matters, it makes sense to have a monthly retainer with a pre-agreed list of deliverables. Here’s an example:

  • 1-2 blog posts per week
  • Webpage Content tweak – one page per month
  • 1 eBook every 2 months based on keywords and deliverables

Considering that businesses devote 10-15 percent of revenue toward Marketing–paying a copywriter is a bargain.


4. How to work with your Copywriter

How do you go from good to amazing? It’s a matter of collaboration. Your copywriter is your voice. She captures what’s hot, gets it written and onto the computer screen–but remember, it’s still YOUR company.

That’s why you want to keep her up-to-date on what’s happening in your company and industry as it relates to your goals.

Inform her where you’re getting the biggest return on investment, so she can adjust. Share your goals for the business and the blog.…ity-copywriter/


How to build your Data Center blog Editorial Calendar

If you want to grow an area of the business, focus on that topic for a while. For example: Managed Services might be an area that you haven’t really tapped.

Schedule a series of articles 1-2 per month on related topics. Produce a no pressure eBook encouraging prospective buyers to contact you, to see how Managed Services will move their business forward.

Use content to inform. That’s what preceeds the sale. That’s what gains a buyer’s trust.


In Summary

Here are the 5 things you need to know to hire a writer for your Data Center blog:

  1. Find a Data Center Copywriter by looking at other blogs
  2. Identify the right skillset and make sure she’s doing the research
  3. Retainers work well. It helps keep a steady flow of deliverables
  4. Collaborate with her to infuse posts with a balance of technical and practical
  5. Put together an editorial calendar to bolster areas of the business you want to grow

If you have any questions about Data Center writing or another industry, just reach out. 858-775-4137 I’m always happy to help companies grow.



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