A Good Business Card: Why You Cannot Do Without It

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The two essentials for every small business are a website and a business card. If you don’t have either, get something and start improving from there.

There are plenty of no cost and low cost websites. Just Google what you need.

There are also lots of low cost and do-it-yourself business cards.  The main thing for businesses just starting out is to get something. That’s because your business card’s so important for networking.

Why Develop Your Style?

Once you’ve got a temporary solution, you’ve can now focus on designing a card with your signature look and feel.

Brand development isn’t something you can rush. It’s not a microwave burrito on the fly. It’s a slow developing stew that takes hours for flavors to combine and enhance into a heavenly, satisfying meal.

The process of brand discovery may dig up emotions. Require you to get gut honest. Brutal. It may involve killing products you wanted to do but just can’t handle well with the resources you currently have.

That’s okay. We’re not robots. Small businesses are run by people.

But in that process, you’ll discover key things, like where you’re strong. You’ll also see where you’re not strong. And those strengths are what you want your ideal customer to see the minute he picks up a business card or clicks into your website.

When you position your products and services well, you’re communicating. Clients come to you already aware how you can help them.

Your visuals reflect your quality, your integrity, and your energy. Like Apple or Coke, people should know instantly they’re looking at your product.

While your brand is not your logo, your brand should reflect in your logo. And your website and your business card have a big job to do.

They’ll show people what you can do when you’re not around to make your case. 

Your business card may even say the things about you that you can’t, because you’re too close to see them. That’s why it’s worth the effort to put your heart and thought into developing your visual ethos.

And… that’s why the treasures I’m about to share with you, may take some time and soul searching to capitalize on but they are well worth the investment. They may take a few heart-to-hearts with people you trust. But they’re also going to answer some big questions, like:

  1. Why a prospective client should do business with you and only you
  2. What exactly you’re offering–it’s bigger than your product or service
  3. Why the client is really going to like working with you

Find the tools below:

Ready to start mining for GOLD? What you’ve got is already inside of you. This’ll just help you bring the natural, effortless, gorgeous you, doing what you do best,  into full view–and make your clients feel good in the process.

So let’s get started.

Personal Brand | Personal Energy

Developing a good business presence is organic. It starts with the seed of an idea, and as you take action, it grows from there.

It’s deliberate.

It’s the unique value that you bring to your clients.

It’s  your personal brand. This short assessment was developed by Sally Hogshead, an industry giant in personal branding. It is the real deal and if you’re sort of confused on how to present yourself to prospective clients it’s one of the best $37 you’ll ever invest.

If you do decide to take it and want help afterward, get in touch.

The personal energy part is a little more complex. This is free. I happen to think taking this course will help you nail the visuals of your website and your business card. If you want help. Contact me. I’ll help you develop the “look” that will tell your client in seconds that (s)he’s in the right place.

Here’s another assessment. It’s not a test. It’s a training.

This was developed by Carol Tuttle, it’s part of her energy profiling training. It’s here and it’s free:

  • Day 1: Introduction
  • Day 2: The 4 Energy Types
  • Day 3: Your Thought and Feeling Processes
  • Day 4: Your Body Type
  • Day 5: Tapping Into Your True Nature
  • Day 6: Identify Your Energy Type and Enjoy Life’s Journey

The Card

Lastly, a list of things to ponder.

It’s what to put on your business card and some of the ettiquette of how to present it others.

Once you’ve figured out your USP, then you should get the finest quality business card you can afford. Don’t skimp.

You may have already done some of this work. Don’t rush it. Build your understanding and then act. You’ll be glad you did.

The late great Earl Nightingale said, “Build slowly, steadily and well. Then when you have it, you’ll keep it.”

To your success!


Share what you’re discovering in your personal branding journey. Leave a comment below!

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