How A Well-Crafted Testimonial Can Cover Your A@#!

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  The point of this article to show how you to establish TRUST. Two of the best ways to build TRUST are through the testimonial and the expert source. Let me define what I mean for you: The testimonial presents a favorable opinion of your product or service from someone who doesn’t have a stake in it. The credible source presents the opinion or findings […]

Google Analytics: Your 2014 Business Process Cheat Sheet

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Like a car, your business needs a periodic tuneup to keep things running at peak efficiency. A few minor adjustments can save you money, increase responsiveness, and get you where you need to go with a lot less wear and tear on your most valuable asset–YOU. To perform that tuneup you’re going to need the […]

SlideHack: 33 Indisputable Content Marketing Laws

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The 33 Undisputable Laws of Content Marketing Success from Marcus Sheridan Content Marketing is evolving but here are some suggested pillars to help writers keep customer focus. To build strong, healthy relationships with our customers, it is essential that we educate them on what our companies offer. Value must be communicated in order to be […]