Professional Info Security Writing for Technology Companies

I provide technology businesses with articles, blog posts, and SEO optimized on-page content. What sorts of writing services do I provide specifically?

  • Copywriting – I produce copy in plain language that gets to the heart of what your reader wants: information, products and after-purchase support; I get them comfortable with your products and services no matter where they are on the buying journey
  • Blogger – I write editorial calendars and appropriate, informative posts for your business blog; stuff that precedes the sale
  • Ghostwriter – finally, I never put my name on the work, instead, I am an extension of you


How I write for you

My process is simple. First of all, we’ll identify gaps. Then, I’ll design content that builds loyalty and genuine connections between you and your readers.

Then, I’ll design a content plan that builds loyalty and genuine connections between you and your readers. When you provide a clear actionable path for customers, they will buy.


What clients are saying has been a life-saver since day one. We simply wouldn’t be where we are with our blog if it weren’t for her help. She is full of relevant and inspiring ideas and writes fantastic copy. Her content is always on point and the same can be said for her feedback. Rita won’t disappoint!

Sam Warren, Marketing Coordinator | RankPay 



CarmenHeadShotRita is an excellent writer and is thorough in her research. She’s also not shy about reaching out to industry leaders and experts to get a comment for an article, and almost always gets a yes. She is easy to work with and I highly recommend her.

Carmen Yazejian, President | Network9



That’s it! I’m ready to collaborate with you and your agency. Let’s produce something wonderful.


P.S. If you’ve got something you need right away, let’s talk: 858-775-4137.


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