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Business Owners and Marketing Managers,


My name is Rita Mailheau. That’s pronounced mail you. And I’m a freelance business copywriter for hire.

Your business deserves the very best copy.

You’ve worked hard to build your business, one client at a time. Make sure the value of your products and services resonate across every square inch of your online presence.

Great features aren’t enough.

What a prospective client wants to know is how those features will benefit him. Her.

Stories make meaning in the noisy marketplace. Stories teach people the benefits. Stories connect hearts. 

I’ve written hundreds of pieces for people just like you: real estate pros, designers, authors, trade publishers, and webhosting companies.

I write:

  • blogposts – to drive traffic and build your social brand
  • brand journalism articles – fully sourced feature articles for company websites
  • contributor articles – ghostwrite authority articles for executive publicity
  • webpages - including supporting online bios

Whether you need new copy or your current copy tightened, I’ve got the techniques.

Happy Clients Share Schuricht, The Grizzly’s Christmas

Rita’s creative ideas and assistance led my blog to a phenomenal increase in the number of visitors. She has given useful advice about blog format and presentation.  When she felt interviews fit, she coached me in on-camera presentation.  I can’t thank her enough for her invaluable help. Savage, Composer/Sound Designer, DiyMusicBiz.Com

Rita is a professional in every sense of the word. I gave her an outline of how I “needed” to be represented, and  she came backwith solutions, a marketing plan and ideas for growth. Talk about someone who is passionate about her craft and over-delivers.


Put your best foot forward:

  • Reach Your Buyers More Effectively
  • Refresh Your Brand Message

You’ll never stop growing, improving, evolving. The same is true for your business and your buyers. You must move in tandem.

Your products and services are valuable. Your time is valuable.

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This could be the time to move your business forward!